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  • J. Money

    Budgets Are Sexy

    Washington, DC

    Even though I'm a finance guy at heart (I blog about money for a living!), the stress and frustration over dealing with the business books are enough to drive a guy crazy. And for 4 years I struggled with it until the day I came across Outright. Now I actually ENJOY going over all the reports and keeping track of it all! The simplicity alone makes me love them more than words can say - Thanks so much guys!! HUGE fan of yours!

  • Courtney Parks

    Courtney Parks Coaching

    Santa Monica, California

    I'm pretty new to Outright and have been blown away by the difference it's made for me and my business. I was previously using a really "old school" system to keep my books and prep my taxes. While my system "worked," meaning my numbers have always been accurate, it took me hours to get a clear picture of where I was financially. With Outright, I just login and I've got access to everything I need, up to date, right away - amazing! Now I feel like I can actually stay on top of my numbers with so much less effort - and I can give my accountant the info she needs to make tax projections with the push of a button. As a coach who helps women to 'create success the easy way' in their businesses and careers, I not only love the system myself but I'm recommending it to clients and colleagues left and right. Thanks Outright!

  • Carol Hendricks


    Champlin, Minnesota

    I just started an Etsy shop last July, and had NO IDEA how to handle the accounting of a small business. I was so excited when I found Outright....what a great asset!! It is so easy, and I love how all of my Etsy and PayPal info feeds right into it automatically. I would recommend this to anyone who has a business like I do. Thanks so much for the great service you provide!

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  • Tony Lonergan

    LPM Trading Electronics

    East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

    I struggled with spreadsheets and multiple sales reports from various online selling sites but Outright has made it easy to see how and where I am making money in my business. The reports are easy to use and more importantly, easy to understand. It has made reporting at tax time a breeze!

  • Steph Russell


    Boston, Massachusetts

    I was a mess, accounting-wise that is. When you start a business, no one ever tells you how hard it is to keep track of all of your financials and accounting. Then one day Outright walked into my life and my business has never been the same - in the best way possible! Outright keeps track of every transaction, tells me when my quarterlies are due, keeps everything on track and saves me from a huge headache! I recommend them to everyone I know!

  • Yamini Mudaliar


    Duluth, Georgia

    I am not good with numbers at all; I am more of a creative person. I was not trained in business or the likes. When I started my business the whole accounting process was like a big black sea to me. After I had a big argument with my husband about my inefficiencies with numbers and inability to figure out taxes, profit etc. I did a bit of reading on Etsy and was so happy to have found they recommend to all its business owners. I quickly signed up and Boom! I saw all the magic numbers appear. Profit, Gross Income and how much I owed to the IRS!!! This was so cool! The black sea of numbers slowly turned blue and crystal clear to me that day. I understood so much more about my own business, how to track my expenses, etc.

  • Lori Newman

    Designed by Lori

    Atlanta, Georgia

    As a web designer, any management tool for my business that can make my job easier and improve manageability is a big plus! Since discovering outright, it has made my life so much easier when it comes to tracking expenses and invoices. I love the interface and the simple usability as well as the integration of a variety of third party applications. I tried so many other programs and stop searching once I discovered Outright. Thank you Outright for making my job easier so I can spend more time helping my clients!

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  • Emily Purpura

    Live for Love Consignment

    Chicago, Illinois

    Outright has helped me get a handle on my cashflow. As a result, I've been able to plug up leaks (reduce extra expenses) and make wiser buying choices. Outright has helped me grow from a hobbiest into an e-tailer. Thanks, Outright!

  • Becky Garcia

    Dirtsa Studio

    Somerset, New Jersey
  • Melody York

    Hope of My Heart Designs

    Clover, South Carolina

    Thanks to Outright, I was able to prepare my 2011 taxes in less than half the time it usually takes me. Outright makes dealing with numbers so much easier - leaving me more time to create. Outright is great!

  • Lance Pitman

    Illuminati Snowboards

    Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    I save so much time managing Illuminati Snowboards with Outright, that now I can spend more time on the mountain.

  • Kelly Crawford

    Menlo Park, California

    I've sold books at various online venues for years as a sideline. I have no business training and when the 1099-k tax form was announced I started printing out every transaction for my records. I was left with a mountain of paper I had no idea what to with. I started scaling back my selling and was considering stopping it altogether. I signed up for Outright and started receiving comprehensive and professional looking accounting updates. I added my other accounts (which was easy) and now my business if purring along. I no longer fear the tax man. Thanks!

  • Holly MarshMueller


    Portland, Oregon

    As a mom who works full-time outside the home in addition to running my own Etsy shop (handmade goods for mom and baby), time is more precious than money sometimes. But you can't take time to the bank, and Outright solves both; its simple interface keeps me on track! Whether I'm working on my shop after my 1-year-old is in bed, or whether I'm on the go using the Outright iPhone app, I know where my money is coming and going at all times without a gazillion spreadsheets. Outright is an amazing tool--I can't imagine my business without it! Now if it could just fold laundry, too...

  • Tracee Tulloh

    Access Vintage

    Southern California

    After starting a new business selling on eBay for a short time I realized how time consuming, labor intensive and stressful it was to try to keep track of my inventory, expenses, etc. on Excel spreadsheets. It was complicated, confusing and I needed to find a better solution quick or I wasn't going to continue and would have ended up giving up. OUTRIGHT TO THE RESCUE! Now with Outright I am able to quickly enter all my accounting info, and my eBay and PayPal info is done automatically for me. I was dreading trying to figure my taxes being a new business owner but now I don't dread the upcoming the tax season knowing all my information will be organized and at my fingertips ready to go because of Outright. It freed up my time and resources to grow my business and eliminated a huge burden. Outright OPENED THE DOOR for my business Access Vintage to really get ahead start, and it reflects in my logo! I'm sooooo thankful I found Outright and have been raving about its features ever since! Thanks again Outright!

  • Stan Cravens

    Crosswised Collectibles

    Effingham, Illinois

    2011 was my biggest sales year ever on eBay, and fortunately, it was also the year I discovered Outright! Outright saved me tons of time and hassle by keeping track of my income and expenses throughout the year, and produced a clear and concise report for me to give to my tax preparer. Thank you Outright -- you're the best!

  • Hannah Borg


    Maine Lakes Region

    I make things; my mind is oriented to shapes, textures, metals, and things that sparkle... not by numbers, facts, or anything business oriented. This year was the first year in my short time of selling my work that I received a 1099. I was totally taken by surprise. I didn't know where to begin. I saw the Outright link via an Etsy blog so I gave it a try and I am so glad I did. It has changed my world. I actually feel connected to what is going on in my business and how my decisions and a bit of my time toward categorizing and keeping up with my business progress actually frees the creative side of my brain. What I am trying to say is "Thank You."

  • Sarah Knopf

    another crafty girl

    Chicago, Illinois

    After the nightmare that was my taxes last year, and as a first year as a business owner, I knew that this year I needed to look for something that would make it easier. I'm so glad I found Outright! It has already helped me to stay organized as well as clearly see where my money is going so I can make some changes and see my profit grow. Thank you for simplifying my life!

  • Shaun

    First Rank Marketing

    New York, New York

    I am a newer user of Outright and it has become the "go to guy" for my business. I can easily sift through hundreds of transactions to find my biggest client, sort sales by State and time frame, and break down my expenses. Outright integrates with all the platforms I use online saving me a lot of time. Seriously, this is a personal assistant without the full time salary...I am blown away by the insight it has given me to my own business and it is a tool I use every single day. Everyone dreads tax time, but since I discovered Outright I am in a 100% better position to understand and file my taxes especially because they helped me handle my 1099-K tax return. Try getting a CPA to do that for free! Overall, I am incredibly happy with the service and can't see myself using anything else in the future. It has revolutionized the way I do business, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thanks Outright!

  • Cheryl Bousquet

    Olives and Doves

    San Ramon, California

    I love my Etsy vintage shop "Olives and Doves", and I'm very grateful to Outright for saving me valuable studio time with accurately reporting my business accounting. I've decided to open a second Etsy shop, "Granola and the Girls", and I can rest assured that outright will handle all my daily financial recording with accuracy and the financial details I need to be successful. Thank you Outright! Cheryl Bousquet

  • Nick

    Tiger Nicks Store

    Chardon, Ohio

    Outright is the best way to make certain I capture every deduction and helps me keep accurate, current records of all my eBay transactions, which helps me save time and money... and we all know... It's not about how much money you make, but about how much you keep.

  • Jennifer Loftfield

    Caffeinated Papercuts

    Schenectady, New York

    Taxes were the easiest they've ever been this year! By keeping track of my income & expenses on Outright once a week all I had to do come tax time was print my Schedule C sheet...just like that, I was DONE! Thank you Outright!

  • Carol West


    Kea'au, Hawai'I

    Outright has done all the work for me. I had put off making a spreadsheet of expenses and income until my "shoebox" was full. Now, I just enter the daily expenses and Outright does the rest. This gives me more time for doing the things I love...dancing hula and sewing hula attire. Mahalo Outright!

  • Amy McNeil

    4th Leaf Design Studio

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Outright has been fantastic for me and my business. I'm a graphic designer; therefore, I'm in a business where looks mean everything. Outright keeps everything clean, well organized, and uses several information graphic tools (i.e. charts and graphs) that allow the information to be accessed much easier. Taxes seriously terrify me! I love how Outright gives me an idea of what I should be paying in taxes every quarter... it's nice to have the peace of mind that I'm doing things correctly.

  • Amber Smith

    Amber's Market

    Williamsburg, Kansas

    I had been struggling to manually enter all my online sales information. As my business grew it seemed that was all I ever did. Once I found Outright, it made my life so much easier. All I have to do now is log on and print the information I need. It has literally saved me hours each day. Outright is my new best friend!

  • Fred Nilson

    Green Acres Grass Fed Eggs

    Bakersfield, California

    I have a small Organic Chicken Ranch that produces Grass Fed Gourmet Eggs. This is a hobby/business so I do it in my spare time. My goal was to have a legitimate business to help offset my high tax burden from my Day-Job. I needed a good method to capture all my expenses associated with my little enterprise without a lot of effort. My tax guy hates when I do this over the years as it is a lot of work for him come April. This year was very different; he was amazed at how organized my books were and how documented everything was. He thought I hired someone to organize all the reports before sending it on to him. I told him I was using Outright and that lead to a long discussion of how easy it was to use and actually enjoyable to keep tabs on my little operation, not the usual multi-week chore at the end of the year to get something together before tax time. I have become a disciple regarding Outright and naturally share my story with anyone running their own small business. I start off with let me show you something that will change the way you run your business. The cool thing is I can do it right from my own computer to illustrate the power of the cloud. Everyone is amazed and shocked they have not heard of Outright before.

  • Justin Brown

    US Toy Exchange

    Hannibal, Missouri

    When the federal government announced that all online sellers with revenue exceeding $20,000.00 would receive a 1099-K form, there was a collective shudder felt throughout the nation as we all held our breath in anticipation of the 2012 taxes! I personally held my breath, choked down some emotion, and felt a bit nauseous dreading the coming preparation. It was so bad, I could not even tolerate watching tax commercials on TV without experiencing dread and anxiety. How in the world was I going to organize the thousands of transactions and expenditures I had accrued in the past year? And thus, it began. Hour upon hour of sifting through hard-copy receipts, digital records, and so on. It was excruciating, and my stress levels were definitely elevating! After a day or so of this, I rang a friend to see how he was progressing and over the course of our conversation, he mentioned that he was using a program called Outright. Upon learning of Outright, I quickly went to work installing the program and waited for the reports to generate. Imagine my surprise when I viewed the updated information and realized that Outright had tracked everything for me! All I had to do was classify my income/expenditures. Awesome!!! This program made everything so easy! I simply adjusted my classifications, printed a report, and was off to my tax man. So simple, yet so profoundly functional. I love Outright!

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